McDantim Gas Blenders mix Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen (N2) together in pre-determined percentages.

Blended or mixed gas is used to help the retailer deliver the same beer the brewer brewed.

We do this by making sure that the gas content of the beer remains constant (Never over-carbonating or going flat.) until the keg goes empty no matter how long that takes.

Blended gas helps to insure your beer will pour correctly, stay fresh and taste great!

We can determine the correct blends for all of your beers by looking at the temperature and dispense pressure as well as the volume of CO2 in your beers.

We have many McDantim Gas Blenders installed in Michigan and would welcome the opportunity to discuss a trial with you.

The McDantim Gas Blender may be purchased or leased.

"We give your BEER HEAD"