All high pressure gas cylinders must be secured to prevent the cylinder from falling.

Do not store high pressure gas cylinders near sparks, heaters, or open flame.

Before using a cylinder, read the label to identify the cylinder's contents. Observe all safety precautions on the cylinder's label. If the label is illegible or missing, do not assume that the cylinder contains a particular product, but return the cylinder to the supplier.

Do not remove the cylinder cap before attaching a regulator to it.

After removing valve protection cap, slightly open valve an instant to clear opening of possible dust and dirt.

Never attempt to use contents of a cylinder without a suitable pressure regulating device. Pressure regulators are preferred for reducing pressure from cylinders.

Never permit gas to enter the regulating device suddenly. Open the cylinder valve slowly.

Do not stand directly in front of regulator when turning the cylinder on.

Never attempt to repair a cylinder's valve, regulator, or safety relief device.

Never lubricate valves, regulators, gauges, or fittings with oil, grease, or any other combustible substance.

Never inhale helium directly from a cylinder, or balloon filler.

Inert gas may cause a lack of oxygen and there may not be an indication the air is deprived of breathable oxygen, therefore only use in well ventilated areas.

Never transport CO2 cylinders in the passenger compartment of an automobile.