A membrane located inside the generator extracts nitrogen from the air by selective permeation. This is achievable because our atmosphere is composed of nitrogen (78%), oxygen (21%) and various other gases that make up the remaining (1%). The required air supply necessary for the nitrogen generator to operate is provided by an oil-less air compressor. As compressed air enters the system it passes over the membrane. Nitrogen, which does not readily permeate the membrane, directly enters the customers distribution system. The generator safely returns all unused gasses such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor back to our atmosphere.

The Nitrogen 2 U ® mixed gas dispense system consists of a nitrogen generator, air compressor, nitrogen receiver tank and gas blender. Some of the benefits include:

- Prevent over-carbonation, flat beer, oxidization, and foaming.

- Better pours improve keg yields and reduce waste.

- Draught beer will taste brewery fresh.

- Eliminate handling and changing cylinders.

We have many systems installed in Michigan and would welcome the opportunity to discuss a trial with you. The Nitrogen 2 U ® mixed gas dispense system may be purchased or leased.

"We give your BEER HEAD"

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