Care must be taken to use the Nitrogen 2 U ® in a well ventilated area, and/or provide for exhaust ventilation of the waste gas and O2 monitoring. Failure to do so may result in asphyxiation or fire.

1. The Nitrogen 2 U ® produces continuous streams of oxygen enriched air and nitrogen. If installation area ventilation is inadequate to allow for dissipation or exhaust of these gases, an oxygen rich or and oxygen deficient atmosphere can result. The operator should post warning signs visible to the general public near the entrance or access to the unit. The oxygen rich permeate gas exits the unit at just above the atmospheric pressure. Care must be taken in exhaust piping to insure no back pressure exists on this waste stream.

2. Room ventilation must be provided for any indoor installation to allow for dissipation of nitrogen gas in case of unit piping or valve leaks. In cases where additional piping or vent lines are not practical, diligent care must be taken to install the unit in a large, well ventilated area.

3. A common method of the monitoring oxygen content in a confined area is through the installation of atmospheric analyzing equipment. The manufacturer of the Nitrogen 2 U ® system can provide a list of suppliers for this type equipment.

4. Use of the waste gas stream is not recommended due to it's moisture saturated content and low pressure. Any back pressure on the waste gas stream (permeate) will result in poor membrane unit performance and possible system shutdown. Waste gas composition is approximately 34-38% oxygen in enriched air. It is NOT pure oxygen.